Nissan Leaf

Picked up on October 17, 2016
2016 Nissan Leaf SL with premium package (a $1500 option)


The finances break down as follows:

$$ Description
$39825 Sticker Price
-$4000 Nissan finance rebate
-$2000 Dealer rebate
-$2480 Employee Vehicle Purchase Plan
$349 administrative fee
$60 Registration and plates
$75 Title fee
$31834 Taxable purchase price
$1990 6.25% Tax
$35 state inspection
$33993.36 amount to be financed
-$7500 Federal Tax rebate
-$2500 State rebate
$23993 Out of pocket expense
$472.13 Monthly payment (0% 7 year loan)

The federal tax rebate is a rebate on taxes you pay, so to get the rebate you need to owe at least \$7500 in taxes. The rebate can be spread over 2 years if needed. The state (MA) rebate will be reimbursed “within 75 days”. You must finance using the Nissan Finance 0% loan to get the $4000 Nissan Finance rebate. I think this is to provide cash poor buyers with a way to finance the purchase, as the federal and state money is unavailable when the purchase agreement is signed.

With everything financed, we drive away with a new Leaf and won’t make our first payment until November 28, over a month away.